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Lily’s first issue of 2021 (January release) features a stark black and white cover to highlight the gravity of our focus on gender-based violence, with a particular spotlight on the work of campaigner Hennah Joku, who is using her platform and profile as a TV and radio personality to fight for a better pathway to justice for survivors. Our special report also examines the causes of PNG’s shameful rates of violence against women, the protest marches triggered by the sickening June 2020 torture of Jenelyn Kennedy, and the initiatives put forward at the country’s first GBV Summit held in the capital later in the year. The GBV theme continues in Q & As with foremost researcher and policy adviser Dr Fiona Hukula and survivor counseller Susan Setae.

Other features include a look at the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspectives of a frontline nurse in PNG and a student stranded for six months in Paris; we give some ideas for professional but still comfy work-from-home outfits in our fashion spread; learn how to make scented candles; and showcase the winning gardens from our first home gardener competition.

LILY Mag - Issue: 23

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