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Lily’s 2024 (April release) issue is bursting – even at a record 88 pages!

We can’t wait to show you the exciting products entered in Lily’s 2nd annual PNG HOMEMADE microbusinesses competition, and to reveal the overall winner as Morobe beekeeper Alma Napo, who makes such delicious honey, lemon and ginger all-natural cough drops that you can’t believe they’re actually good for you! We know it won’t be long before they are on sale in chemists countrywide.

But Alma’s cough drops are just the start. Over 60 other products that came before the judging panel in November are showcased, so check out the feast of ideas from our 15 finalists as well as the top entrants who made it into our 9-page Shopping Guide (p29).

There’s a wealth of other content to keep you busy too.

Our special report on the growing problem of cyber harassment is a must-read for everyone who accesses the internet, from our kids to our elders. Abuse should not be tolerated by anyone anywhere, and that includes in cyberspace (Staying Safe in Cyberspace, p74).

We also talk to a dental expert about how to combat bad breath (p62), and glean pearls of homespun dressing and grooming wisdom from six Papua New Guineans of varying ages, female and male from their 20s to their 70s (Style at Every Age, p52).

Our thanks to all who contributed to this issue – with special mentions to Dame Monica Salter, Matilda Pilacapio and Shei Schaaf who so generously gave their time for profile interviews, and allowed us to tap precious memories.

LILY Mag - Issue: 27

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